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If I can’t carry it with me, I almost never go there. My extremely grudging exceptions are the Post Office, military installations or other gummint facilities, and church. Exceptions to that policy, if any, are not recalled. If my friend is not allowed on public transportation, then the prohibition applies to both of us. I’ve given up good sales at the local mall, or even an item I could get nowhere else in town because of the sign on the door that says these “kids” are welcome and I’m not. The mall manager and I have already had that discussion – in detail.

Let’s see though – the media doesn’t mind showing the faces of little kids caught in a terrible adoption or foster care battle as they are carried away screaming by a CPS goon, yet we must protect these full-blown terrorists on BART because they haven’t achieved a magic age? Show their pictures – identify, convict and send ‘em away. Put ‘em all on an island far away from ANY other land mass, and designate it as a penal colony, with no guards. Let ‘em “take care” of each other, far away from civilization. Poor misguided youts? Bravo Sierra – they’ve moved far beyond that, and deserve to be “treated” accordingly. I don’t have words to adequately express on this one. A significant part of me wants to go out and buy the t-shirt that says, “Kill ‘em all – let God sort ‘em out!” They’re already just “underage” terrorists. Tomorrow’s terror is already predictable.