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Nice thread, WB & MB. It reminded me of what I just ran across the other night – an old resource that was “hiding” on my hard drive that I’d totally forgotten about. Now that I “found” it, I don’t even remember having had it originally to download. It’s actually a link contained in another reference I did obtain back in 1995, somehow (according to the file dates on two files). And the resulting web site (listed in one of the files from 1995) is a wonderful find.

Plants can be exceptionally useful, and much is available about them – if one knows where to look. I’ve got a whole new area to re-start learning. Years ago we were beginning to get just a little competent in using herbs for fairly basic treatment, but got sidetracked when we came upon homeopathy. As impressive as that field is (despite the naysayers), it’s far more complex than what individuals can master themselves. Unlike homeopathy, I’m relatively convinced that having some excellent resources on herbs, and getting to know what’s available right around us, could become highly valuable and much easier to learn than homeopathy – both for food (as both WB and MB pointed out) as well as healing. So, if this is of significant “keeper” and reference value, great! If not, nothing lost: