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If you have space for them, plant some fruit trees now given it’ll take a while before they yield much. Incorporate edible plants into your landscaping. For example use strawberries in lieu of traditional ground covers. Via runners they’ll quickly fill in as much space as you allow them. Plant a few blueberry bushes as decorative shrubs. Use rugusa rose plants as a fence. They’ll be very fragrant with brilliant flowers and make for an all but impenetrable fence. Their thorns will rip your skin off and they are extremely hardy too. At my last house I used to cut mine down to the ground every few years when they started to get ratty looking and within a few months I had full sized bushes again. Stop using weed killers on your lawn being the dandelions, plaintains, and perhaps other weeds are edible. Once the lawn is mowed if it is green the lawn still looks decent. Daylillies are edible and will spread as much as you allow them and make for a nice part of the landscape.