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LT, the problem with the generals is that they’ve already seen Lil Kim’s uncle killed off, possibly even Lil Kim’s wife, and certainly a whole heck of a lot of generals and other government ministers. The paranoia level HAS to be profound in a system like that. Nobody would dare even respond to a whispered “what if” suggestion by someone else, for fear that it was really a way of finding out who the would-be traitors are.

On top of that, there’s something there that I don’t even pretend to understand – it’s what seems to be a sort of special reverence for the Kim family, much like the Aaronic priesthood was passed down to the sons from the fathers, and NObody else could officiate in certain ordinances of the temple unless they were of Aaron’s lineage. The Koreans, in a way I certainly don’t understand, have seemingly deified their ruling family – and who comes next after Lil Kim (unless the Chinese install and enforce the next leader)?

By the way – back to untested weapons, there is a bunker-buster bomb designed primarily for the Korean and Iranian nuclear programs that would supposedly make the MOAB look like an M-80 (GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator – MOP). At least that’s what they say, anyway – whoever “they” is/are.