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Tolik, why would N Korea jump the gun and fire on US military forces? “N Korea” is Lil Kim, personally, until and unless some of his generals nut up together, and take him out. For his part, Kimee has been not merely evil, but given the sharks he routinely swims with, remarkably adept at staying on his throne. His, and his pappy’s (and grandpappy’s) stated great communist dreams have been (1) unifying all of Korea under communist rule, and (2) “paying back” Japan for their attack and occupation, until the end of WWII, in the attempt to create the “Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere,” by military conquest. What stands in the way of his dreams? We do.

Attacking our military forces currently in the area would be more challenge to a duel, than coup de grâce. That wouldn’t serve Kim’s purposes, and despite his clownish appearance, I think he’s smart enough to realize that he’d eventually lose such a well-telegraphed fight. His big chance, if any, is to string us along, getting us to dismiss him for his clownishness, until he eventually acquires thermonuclear weapons, and a reliable means to deliver them at the necessary altitude and timing, to decisively knock out our (still wide open) electrical grid with an EMP strike. That would effectively remove us from his path. And if the Chinese thought it likely that he’d succeed, they’d probably stand aside, albeit, carefully guarding their border.

Mopping up and rebuilding the fallen uSA would put China in control of what remained … at an eventual profit.

Cry, "Treason!"