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GS, What I am saying is that China and Russia have not used weapons of war like we have so testing the weapons in war tells you if they work and how they work. It is just like owning a gun and putting it in the closet and the other guy going to the range and shooting it once a week. The guy that goes to the range will always win. You need to practice with the weapons and the U. S. is tops in that department. Our bombs have been used in Afghanistan, Iraq and in many places with our drones. They also hit on target which Russia and China say they have but have never tested in real war.

I do agree that war is war and many things can go wrong but that is why I put my life on the side that has tested there weapons. Russia and China may find out that there weapons do not work so fine or that the U. S. can hack there weapons just like some are saying happen with the last test in North Korea were the missile blew up.

There will be a test real soon with North Korea so we all need to be ready for North Korea hack or EMP by way of satellite which they have two and we do not know if one has a small nuclear bomb for an EMP over the U. S. We may know were they are and hit them at the same time we hit North Korea.