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Well, I edited this merely to add a link for an article, and it disappeared entirely, as if it had never been here. Now it says, when I try to repost it that it’s a duplicate. I logged out, closed my browser, logged back in, and we’ll see if this makes it up (a copy/paste of the original – something I’m learning to do whenever I edit on this site now days).
Freedom, the B-52 is our workhorse bomber, capable of a rather heavy payload. The Bear bomber is roughly their equivalent. Is one superior to the other? Heck if I know – I just know they BOTH flew for the first time in 1952, which is before or very near to the time you were born. We haven’t retired the B-52 yet, and still use it frequently.

Nuclear testing? China started doing it in the mid-60s and continued through 1996. Tests ranged from underground, to towers, to air-dropped, to missile-delivered. Reportedly, the U.S. quit testing five years earlier (1991).

Technology? The Chinese have apparently had successes with MIRVs (multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicles), up to 10 warheads on a single ICBM. Before that, US military officials believed China had perhaps 250 nukes in their arsenal. Since the 10-MIRV missile launch, they’re reassessing the total number China may actually have (upwards). http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/china-tests-missile-with-10-nuclear-warheads-report/articleshow/56932870.cms

Russia/Soviet Union? They only discontinued above-ground testing the year before the U.S. discontinued, but not before lighting off the most massive nuclear device in history – more than 50 megatons! They also have MIRV capability.

I’m not arguing who’s more capable – I suspect we are. But personally, I don’t care if we’re more capable if even 1% of another nation’s weapons happen to make it through our defenses. Like I said above, “Shall we play a game?” I’m leaving it up to the top experts and strategists to figure out how to take out Lil Kim and the Iranian leaders WITHOUT triggering something that creates its own chain reaction (pun intended). Do I trust all those experts and strategists? No on MY life! But they’re the best option I see. China and Russia may be technologically inferior (not to mention other countries), but they aren’t non-operational by any stretch of the imagination. I’m merely saying we’ve been put in a situation by multiple previous administrations to the point that we’re now at or extremely close to a decision point with mandatory action – and the answers ain’t easy, because the consequences even (or perhaps especially) from Lil Kim are potentially unacceptable.