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GS I see where you are coming from but I try to see with my eyes open. For one did you see the images of the
Russian bombers off the Alaska coast, they are old propeller bombers, ours are jets. It looks like they are in the 1940’s. Question is how good are the Russian weapons? Are there nuclear that direct target as the ones we have? I do not think so and they know it.

The Chinese have newer weapons but they have not been tested like all the weapons we have. We have tested. Our weapons work and they know this. They are not sure if there weapons will work. That is the different, we have been at war for over 10 years now testing all our weapons they have not. We are ready they are not.

Example, any and all games, baseball, basketball, football, if you want to win you need to practice, practice, practice. Use all the game plans and know what works and what doesn’t. We know and they do not. Big game winner and any game you play including war.