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I agree that some may have been turned off by all the political stuff. But I happen to believe that that’s more of an excuse than anything, or maybe even just a “logical” deduction that happens to be false. After all, Selco did create many different topics in the Forum, and for the MOST part, the survival/preparedness oriented ones generally survived well while they lasted at least – without being hijacked entirely. Each of us has a choice whether to participate in the political ones, and/or how much. And that’s why I posted this thread in this topic – to hopefully resurrect some of the great ideas that exist in past writings by many.

I hope this doesn’t now make a quick turn INTO a discussion of what caused the decline, who’s to blame (if anyone), etc., etc. I just hope it will stay on topic and perhaps attract some of the quality posts that existed in Aukxsana’s original thread from two years ago.

With that, thanks MB for the words of encouragement. The journey from 64 to here (only a bit over ½ decade in my case) has seen a rapid decline in the curve of strength, abilities (physical at least), and recovery time. But as I’ve begun to physically WORK harder this year, I’m also feeling renewed energy. I needed the extra reminder – thanks. I don’t expect to move to 10 acres in the country at this age and begin to learn what Aukxsana learned in her 8 years from mid-20s to mid-30s. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for a postage-stamp sized over-55 dwelling, complete with lawn care and no garden space, either. For now, we’ve got the capability of far more self-sufficiency than we’re utilizing, and it’s just these kinds of ideas that will help create the results we want – and the resulting satisfaction as well as protection against whatever comes.