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It’s not either/or with me, Freedom (either we “hit” them, or we don’t). The problem is, HOW to hit them, and with what. I think we wasted too much time already – both with them and with Iran. But now we’re in a position where there will have to be masterful staffing by some of the very best political AND military minds. And I don’t pretend to have “the” solution. I don’t trust anything I read in the “news,” but sometimes there are hints at reality there as well. So, I’m hopeful that there really are some very interesting, behind-the-scenes things going on with all sorts of actors, not the least of which is China.

And though the evidence does not seem good with respect to Putin and Russia, I also have to wonder just a little bit if at least some of the supposed posturing we’re seeing (Bear bombers off the Alaska coast, troops along borders in Europe, etc.), are also arranged events to make it LOOK one way, so that some of the next moves will actually seem to come out of nowhere to the bad guys. I’m certain that I don’t know what’s really going on in Syria, for example – did Assad REALLY use chemicals on his people this time? How about past times? Or is this all for public show as a distraction for some very uncomfortable candid camera moments for some seemingly unrelated bad actors (i.e. “when you least expect it” moments for people like Lil Kim, Isis, maybe even Turkey)?

I have no idea. I just know that what we see is not always what we get. Heck – I just very recently read some declassified stuff about some very secret stuff that happened around the Cuban missile crisis that has been completely unknown until recently. We are only told pieces of things at the time, and sometimes not even told the truth at all. And sometimes – JUST sometimes – things turn out for better when we least expect it, and the solution is presented as having been rather simple (when it was anything but that!). So no – I’m not at all against taking care of business once and for all with Lil Kim and those closely surrounding him, so that we don’t just get Lil Kim v2.0 as a result. It just seems clear that “merely” taking out his nuclear site, for example, is NOT the answer – the retaliation there on the peninsula (toward the South) would be overwhelming. This is a very complicated mess, with hidden and very sensitive trip wires all over the place. And neither you nor I are likely to come up with “the” solution, even if we agree “it” needs to happen yesterday.