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I recall being very impressed with her. I’d love to have her back her, giving us updates at least.

I also do think we’ve turned some good folks off with our non-stop political discussions, especially the non-US folks. There were a lot of very good prepper type discussions a couple years ago. I learned a lot and enjoyed the international flavor.

GS, yes old dogs can learn new tricks. At my age (64) I know the effects of time but I also know I can run rings around most my age because I have always been active physically. Just doing little things can make a difference over time. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far out in the lot rather than vying for the spot closest to the door. Do chores yourself instead of hiring it out (mowing the lawn, stacking wood etc). Walk fast rather than sauntering along. Take on projects you didn’t think yourself capable of and you might be surprised. It was with a bit of trepidation over the amount of physical labor involved that I started my stone wall work a year ago, and exhausting as it was, it got done and the end result exceeded my expectations.

The same can be said about acquiring new skills. Just try something new. Even if you don’t become an expert you’ll know more than you did. I’m no master gardener but having veggie gardens and starting plants from seed yields a lot of knowledge I wouldn’t have if I just bought it at the store. Trial and error are great teachers.