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Not sure about this particular question (or at least the answer to it), but I’ve found the Forum to be acting squirrely in multiple ways lately. Just as I got back on my computer a few minutes ago, I got an email that tells me a new post was put up in the “US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan after Green Beret killed” thread at 3:44 pm by LT, apparently in response to Freedom’s earlier post from this morning. Yet there’s nothing after Freedom’s post except the response I just posted a few minutes ago.

Also, I’ve created responses to several posts over the past week, only to click the “Submit” button and have them evaporate into cyberspace, never to be seen again. That actually has happened when I’ve successfully created and posted a response, notice a typo or decide to make a minor modification, open it back up to edit it, and then try to post the edited version – POOF!

One other issue I’ve got is the fact that they’re using a non-secure web site. I really wish they’d switch to something that provides at least a bit more security (not that anything’s guaranteed on the internet), using an https site. But oh well…. This place seems to be going the way of the Saloon, very sadly.