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Russia is the only one that has used some of it’s weapons but there weapons are not at our level. I just have not been shown the proof or facts that the US no longer hold a clear upper hand.

I’m reminded of the 1983 movie, “War Games.”

“Shall we play a game?”

Or the alternate question might be, do you really want to find out if you’re right?

Both Russia and China have proven that they can create large nuclear weapons, and for some strange (or maybe not) reason, American generals don’t seem too dismissive of either the China or Russia threat.

Never forget that only one actor (won’t matter who does it), one single time, needs to get a nuclear warhead about 250 miles up over the center of the U.S., detonate it, and we’re instantly in the early 1800s. Except in THIS century, we’ve got well over 300 million people who know nothing about day-to-day survival.

I’ll repeat the key question again: “Shall we play a game?”