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I do not think that this article has much facts. For example read,

“The general public in the West assumes the United States is a lone super power and therefore can act unilaterally without serious consequence. The thought that US forces might be defeated by the communist nations is dismissed as absurd. Unfortunately, this confidence in American military supremacy is no longer based upon reality, and rather now relies upon hubris alone. The belief that the US remains the world’s lone superpower is seriously misplaced as the balance of military power has shifted dramatically over the last fifteen years only no one bothered to inform the American public. The US no longer holds a clear upper hand in today’s conventional or nuclear battlefield.”

Well can anyone here show me where there is an example of China or Russia having better weapons? I have seen our weapons used over and over but China copy cat weapons have not been used and may not even work and for Russia all I see are old weapons. Question: will the Russian nuclear force even hit the cities? Are they so old that we can hit them before they get here? And what about China? unproved weapons.

China’s military has not been in a war for how long? PLEASE this is all talk.

Russia is the only one that has used some of it’s weapons but there weapons are not at our level. I just have not been shown the proof or facts that the US no longer hold a clear upper hand.