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Speaking of what they can read on your computer just using “electronic signatures,” if you really want an eye-opener, install “Lightbeam” software on your computer. Apparently it only works on Firefox browser, but if that’s what you use it’s quite worth installing – it’s free (though passive) privacy software. But knowledge is also power – It will show you who’s been seeing you. Within the past hour, I cleared it out completely so it showed zero internet connections. Since that time, I checked precious metals and the other markets, read a couple of quick news stories that linked from Google News, and came here – nothing at all out of the ordinary (except maybe for here). Including the SHTF site, I’ve visited 9 sites in less than an hour. And through those 9 sites, I’ve connected to 170 third-party sites in under an hour. The vast majority of them are tracking sites for advertising purposes, or …. (?)


It is utterly amazing to the uninitiated (i.e. naive) internet user as to who’s watching, why, and how. Internet and privacy are mutually incompatible. Period. Even a VPN is no guarantee. (I certainly do wish that Selco, Toby, and crew, would at least use a secure web hosting company, though…. Anybody here foolishly using the same password they use anywhere else?)