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Thanks,GS. I’m a little more relieved about the possibility of Nork bioweapons, but all along, I’ve believed that they (and others) would choose an EMP attack as the opening salvo. Not exactly easy, but not impossible, either. They have and intermediate-range rockets that could loft the bombs to the necessary altitude, provided they could fire them from close enough, and they’re working on thermonuclear weapons that could create the necessary pulse(s),.

With all eyes on them now, they probably couldn’t sneak container ships in close enough, at least not directly. But they do trade with some other nations, to some extent. Might not their containers get put in temporary storage abroad, eventually repainted, relabeled, and shipped out by neutral, even unsuspecting, carriers? Let’s hope our clandestine services have people in the right places. Even when ports were actually checking foreign cargo for radioactive material, they didn’t get it all, and the practice has been stopped, so I hear, Meanwhile, CONgress resists hardening the grid at least as steadfastly as they resist repealing Zerocare, or building a border wall.

Cry, "Treason!"

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