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GS, It all depends on South Korea taking over. Just like what happen in Germany.

Freedom, South Korea would likely be reduced to rubble within hours if war breaks out. There’s so much fire power aimed at the south, just across the DMZ, that it’s unlikely South Korea would be much more than a shadow of what it is now.

Remember that when the wall came down, West Germany had rebuilt and was thriving. And it was a severe economic AND cultural blow to absorb the residents of the former East Germany. They’ve lived far too long under the so-called Communists, didn’t understand capitalism, and were highly dependent on the government for what little they got (the Cloward-Piven strategy hadn’t been articulated as well as Cloward and Piven did in the late 60s, but it was certainly understood and EMPLOYED systematically over the decades since 1848 when Karl and friend(s) published the manifesto. All social and political order had to be eliminated – and a pretty decent job of that was accomplished while Moscow reigned and Western Europe was rebuilt. Lil’ Kim has already put his people in a position to be totally unable to understand western democracy and live under it, even if South Korea was in a position to try to rescue the North. They’ll be too devastated for any good thing to come out, certainly during the lifetime of many of us here. Just my 2¢.