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Even if we were successful in taking out Lil’ Kim, there’s an underlying problem. In ways we simply don’t understand, the North Koreans see the ruling family as something apparently almost akin to gods, and therefore one of them HAS to be the ruler. With Lil’ Kim’s ½ brother and his uncle (daddy’s brother) both assassinated, is anybody left? There would be additional chaos above and beyond what would normally ensue with the assassination of a nation’s leader. The brain washing has been multi-generational, and we are basically incapable of even pretending to think like they do. In different ways, it’s very much the same as understanding the Middle Eastern Arab mentality, as well as Persians (Iranians – who you don’t DARE accuse of being Arabs or “camel drivers”). Their thinking simply does not equate to what is so very normal for us in the west that we don’t even consider that there are alternative forms of logic – we just say they’re crazy and attribute it to that. And of course, they look at us and think the same things.