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I don’t give a darn what they look like, or what religion they are – as long as they’re there BY CHOICE, they’re good neighbors, and found our neighborhood on their own. But when some do-gooder decides they want to change my neighborhood by importing people that have no concept (or desire) to live “like us,” [JoiseyAccent: ON] FUGEDABOUTIT! [JoiseyAccent:OFF].

For the most part, they are being imported precisely because their importers know full well that they have no intention of living like you, and are placed in your neighborhood by contracting “charities” (to diffuse the blame) at considerable extra expense, precisely because the people whose grand idea it was in the first place, understood all too (carefully studied) exactly, that you wouldn’t come anywhere near to liking it. It’s as close to a physical attack as the cowards who dreamed it up could pull off, without getting themselves arrested on charges of assault and battery. The cherry on top for them is that, to the extent that you pay the taxes that the program devours, they’ve managed to make you pay for it!

Cry, "Treason!"