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WB, I understand better than you have any idea. I’ve got some of the same demons to put back down myself before I go to sleep tonight. The two areas that were by far most responsible for my required (self-imposed) retirement were the aftermath of deployment issues and sexual abuse. There are certain movies I simply cannot and will not watch (and some I did once, but could not possibly get through again).

I dealt with the longer-term aftermath of it, but also some of the immediate investigation also – and had the greatly satisfying privilege of reporting some of these inhuman beings. Like you, I imagine, I also had to deal with these in court as well – thus the branding of their attorneys as “co-perps.” I saw these cases up close and very, very personal. Something happened while I was editing the first version of my original post above, and it disappeared entirely from the forum – very likely a very nice blessing. It gave me a chance to severely tone down my comments, at least in part so there was no chance of legal “fallout” as a result. But one of the things that was lost from that original post, and which I failed to put back in the completely reconstructed (and cleaned up) post, was almost exactly what you had in your next-to-last sentence. I’d ended my first version with, “There is a special place in Hell….” And that includes this attorney representing the “doctor.” Where are the FemiNazis on THIS one?!? While it’s absolutely no excuse at all, at least there’s a deeply built-in cultural basis for this practice – not that it excuses the parents at all. With the female attorney of clearly European descent, there isn’t even a bogus excuse. Like we both said: there is a special place ….