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As usual, there is more than meets the eye. And I’m with L Tecolote – this wasn’t about retaliation for the death – however sad – of one SpecOps Soldier. Nor is it just about Afghanistan, or even tunnels/caves. We reserved this thing for almost a decade and a half before ever actually using it against anybody. No pun intended, this was no small thing – in any way. And while my initial feel-good response was substantial, as my emotions settle down and my conscious, rational mind kicks in (what’s left of it), something just ain’t right about this in the much larger scheme of things (to include Assad’s alleged chemical attack and our response and almost immediate judgement on same). There isn’t a crayon in the box with sufficient intensity to color me appropriately skeptical.

By the way – in case anyone missed it (it was broadcast so little, that’s highly likely!) – the claim that we don’t have boots on the ground in Syria is BEYOND Bravo Sierra. I understand the word-play when they claim that Green Berets don’t “count” as boots on the ground, since they’ve got “special” missions. But there is footage of the 75th Ranger Regiment driving around in Syria, complete with American flags hoisted high above their vehicles. Rangers are 11 Bravos (the MOS for INFANTRY Soldiers), as opposed to Green Berets (18 Xrays). Tell the soon-to-be widows of the Rangers that there are no “boots on the ground” in Syria. TOO many dots to connect in all of this. But just my 2¢ ….