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Want to really throw up? Check out the web site of the FEMALE attorney representing her. Just reading the first few brief paragraphs on her web site is enough to disgust even the most hardened person. We used to call such attorneys co-perps. http://www.defendingabuse.com/our-firm/shannon-smith/

Note that the so-called “doctor” didn’t do her deeds at the respected Henry Ford Hospital. Instead, she allegedly did them at a Livonia, Michigan, “clinic.” But of course there are no records of the “doctor” practicing at that “clinic.” Livonia is immediately adjacent to Dearborn, which is sometimes referred to as the western capitol of the Middle East. Finding a business sign in Dearborn that is written in English is, shall we say, “challenging.” (And Dearborn used to be such a GREAT place! Home of the Henry Ford Museum, which also houses a re-creation of Edison’s New Jersey lab.)

Thanks to Whirlibird for an appropriate title to this topic.