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Who makes these quota/relocation decisions, and who pays FOR them? Local? State? DC? NGO? In other words, who should be finger-pointed specifically for the end result of these five additional families coming in?

By itself, I wouldn’t have a problem in the world with a family from just about anywhere moving in next door to me – as long as they had the means to make and implement that decision for themselves, as opposed to being “placed” there (and funded) by some other entity, and as long as they actively supported basic constitutional principles, and intended to keep their place up to the standards that the rest of the neighborhood keeps. Beyond that, I don’t give a darn what they look like, or what religion they are – as long as they’re there BY CHOICE, they’re good neighbors, and found our neighborhood on their own. But when some do-gooder decides they want to change my neighborhood by importing people that have no concept (or desire) to live “like us,” [JoiseyAccent: ON] FUGEDABOUTIT! [JoiseyAccent:OFF].