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It’s beginning to look to me like the new sheriff got together with the same old neocon gang that has been deliberately knocking off secular regimes all over the near east and mideast for fun and profit for the last four decades. Yes,of course, those guys — the Shah, Sadat, Saddam, Karadžić, Ghaddafi, and now Assad — weren’t/aren’t nice guys. Mostly brutal b@$tards. But most of the people under their rule were generally better off before US presidents stuck our oar in, at a cost of tens of thousands of our finest, and trillions for our great-grandkids to to pay in slavery.

And now, the new sheriff’s got high praise for the same jerks he promised to save us from? Wassup wid dat? Did they offer him a better deal than his supporters could? Horse’s head in the bed? Putin’s not likely to buy into a deal that wipes out his naval base in Syria.

A “Caliphate” without territory or funds is just a murderous rapist’s nasty dream. Deprive them of that, and they’ll just be a noisy, if murderous rabble, and they can rape and behead each other. (Think about it, current Eurabians and prospective Amerabians, all. You still might have a chance, if you quit following the globalist slow surrender plan. Nobody can save you from yourselves.)

The last time the uSA got serious about dealing with Muslim terrorists, the terrorists throttled back for a century and a half or so, until the non-Muslim world rattled their cages again, and paid them handsomely for the interruption. Yeah, shutting the Caliphate down will still leave nearly-nuclear Iran, and Krazy Kim to deal with. But most of the people in the world would still rather do business, than fight back and forth over the same ground and issues until they die. And a few sundry madmen would be a lot easier to deal with if our attention wasn’t constantly being distracted to take care of a problem of our own making.

Cry, "Treason!"