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Humanity is remarkably resilient as long as there is hope. We have to be able to see light at the end of the tunnel to get through the hard times. Even so, we don’t come out of it the same; but then such is life in any case. Sometimes the hope is a return to a more civilized existence, sometimes it is just being able to find a stable niche in a brave new world to occupy. It can be insurmountable for some, who had plans and dreams that can no longer be. It is a fortunate few who manage to make the adjustment to accept whatever may come and be content that it is enough for now. Determination.
One such moment I caught a glimpse of. We were egressing from an ambush of sorts, and as we turned the corner, there was a mother walking her two children to school. Maybe not more than 200 yards from where we were taking fire. She did not seem overly concerned, and only briefly paused as we drove by. Action.
I recall my Solzhenitsyn, no matter how dim, one must have something to live for. Those who give up simply perish. I suppose we all have those concerns in life for which, if lost, would take with it any reason we have to go on. I can endure much, but I can’t endure all. Fortunately, we all must die sometime. For some, life is joy, for a lot more I think, life is just waking up another day. Good or bad, it comes to an end. After that, life won’t matter much one way or the other. I don’t reckon it matters too much what you believe in; once life is done, so is any concern we have about it. At least in that, we all share a common trait. No matter what you may think awaits your future, one thing is certain. Your cares about what happens in this world, good or bad, is done.
One must realize that the only real control they have in this life (ergo choice) is how they will respond to it. Things will happen regardless of what you do or don’t do, and you can choose to accept it or not. The choice will not necessarily change any outcome. It will simply determine whether or not you get to enjoy the life you have, much like the figurative roller coaster ride granny talked about in the Steve Martin movie “Parenthood”. Acceptance.