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It looks more like we’re unable to govern our side of the planet. Who even mentions the crisis in Venezuela in the news. But the side effect of taking out Assad is millions of refugees instead of hundreds of thousands. Mudhammad’s would always give them a choice, switch or die. President Trump is going to destabilize Europe. The Europe that can’t get its act together now will collapse under the jihad. There is no comingling of sharia and freedom. The Eurobond is trash. Free fire zone over Syria. The Russians have taken the gloves off … In disgust.

As for China. President Trump tries to make a deal with China he’ll get cheated. Land in the red east is the most expensive in the world. If he thinks Assad is bad I’m certain Kim is worse. He’s been trying to suck the u-s into a war for years. Probably with China’s approval, not condemnation. 1! Carrier group into battle. Lol

I’m think all the prepping is going ballistic. There will be a war on the Homefront. The savages attacking people trying to talk at colleges will start one.

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