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At the risk of taking Selco’s excellent article further off topic, it appears that we could be yet another step (of many recent steps) closer to the SHTF Selco has been trying to prepare us for. So much for any plausible theory that Putin would be content to “govern” his side of the planet, and leave us to our side. Don’t just read the first part, but go all the way to the end and see that the “GPS facility” on the side of the volcano in Nicaragua, isn’t the only facility the Russians have built recently on this side of the planet.


We’re pushing Russia away with this Syrian cr@p, and China will align with Russia will align with China (intentionally circular). And if we’re not careful, China isn’t going to do a darn thing with Lil’ Kim. We could end up being aligned with NOBODY before this is all over. Candidate Trump is quickly turning out to not be President Trump, and his cabinet appears to be “inexplicably” (hah hah!) steering him to a new war – or two, or three. Anyone who doesn’t see the Deep State heavily and hard at work in virtually everything is, in my estimation – oh, never mind; don’t want to raise the temperature around any snowflakes.

One thing’s for sure: it’s been said that “if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” And anyone NOT prepared but not feeling any fear, is either absurdly clueless, or just plain stupid. Thank you Selco for both the physical prep instruction, and particularly for the mental/emotional prep instruction.