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Must be the lack of sleep, but I’m going to have to read this again, didn’t get it beyond the con/fraud aspect.

Basically, that’s exactly what it boils down to – just on an even larger scale now. I was originally scratching my head at the first article. I’ve been intrigued by the Fed’s “ability” to “buy” US debt – which they’ve been doing for a while now. But now to turn around and sell bonds to liquidate $4.5 Trillion from its books? That jumped out at me as taking the word “absurd” to an entirely new level.

Yet after following it through, it really turned out to be nothing at all different than what’s been going on since 1913. If it can be called a difference, it’s just a difference in size. One “dollar” Federal Reserve Notes or a $4.5 Trillion Federal Reserve Bond issue – no different than a chihuahua and an elephant; they’re both just mammals, after all. And it has nothing to do with us peons anyway. We just keep getting our paychecks, however they come, trading those “dollars” for goods and services, and life goes on. We don’t need to worry ourselves about what’s going on behind the curtains on the stage – it’s just what’s going on on the visible stage that counts.

Just look at the $1 Federal Reserve (private, non-government agency) Notes in your wallet. Remember that it’s the U.S. Treasury Department that produces those Federal Reserve Notes, and take note of the fact that it’s the Secretary of the Treasury’s signature on those Federal Reserve Notes. That’s all that matters. We need not concern ourselves with technical questions – that’s all for the superior intelligences in D.C. to work out. And it will all work out just fine. I put my full faith and confidence in the United States Government – that’s what they’re there for. [sarc/OFF] ;-)