Guess you missed the laughter as I wrote that first bit. I got it, loved it.
There’s something to verbal inflection that is completely lost in the internet.

With what is out there or not, sometimes the unsaid and difficult to find is more telling than what we look for normally (easily).
All my years of investigations, it was the information that was hidden from everyone that was often the most important. It sounds silly to say it that way.

But not just who and how, but why. The motivation behind the scene.

Comrade M didn’t just spare the whites because he was a nice guy. He understood that without the whites the country would both implode politically, and fall apart literally from a lack of service and maintenance. Look at the reports on Kariba dam. What aren’t they saying?

The South African and Zim white farmer murders as well as the land grabs are fairly easy to find information on. But there’s a number of reasons why. First and foremost, the PTB down there don’t care who knows. They aren’t going to stop regardless.
Our media doesn’t care because it doesn’t fit the fantasy they created.