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Sorry – didn’t mean to hit a trigger point. In reality, that was actually meant as a hat-tip to you, knowing how you feel. When I use sarcasm (note it was declared in the post), it’s usually something I feel strongly about. I still burn when I think about how “humanitarian” it would be to let the poor, frail, old man out of prison to live out his last remaining few days – that stretched into years and years of set-up. The man was a communist terrorist if there ever was one. He got away with pinning it all on his wife. And yes, I still go to the sites occasionally where I CAN find the news (got one bookmarked near the top of my list of bookmarks because it’s of that much interest – Cathy Buckle, thanks to you). I also go look at what’s not supposed to still be happening in Ukraine (easier for me, with a neighbor/friend FROM there, whose family is still there, so I get first-hand reports). Putin? Friend of the U.S.? I don’t have a shovel large enough, or a day long enough to shovel that pile! The really amazing irony is that EVERYTHING is now being blamed on Putin/Russia, whereas North Korea, China, and Muslims are just minor irritants at worst – or so we’re to believe. And the Clintons, uranium to Russia, payments to the Clinton Foundation, speech fees? No issue.

I’ve begun to learn in my later years that what I’m NOT hearing about is usually what’s most important, and that what I AM hearing about is the smokescreen.

One point of disagreement, though. There’s no admission necessary by the first world media. They’re pleased as punch with the overall plan sailing right along – as intended for the past 168 years (destroy the social and political order by any means necessary). Nope – I use sarcastic humor to cope, often times. This was one of ‘em. I remember Winnie and Nelson all too well as the dynamic duo PRE-prison. The word bitter also applies….