It IS surreal in Alaska, especially winter. Stillness of the snow, the Lights shimmering across the stars.

Yes you can die in a few minutes if you don’t pay attention. Even in summer, a stupid move in your boat or canoe, and the deceptively sluggish-looking river sucks you under its glacial silt at a terrifying pace. 34′ water gives you about 3 minutes. They MIGHT find your body in the spruce logjams weeks later, probably not.

If you have lots of expensive equipment and a good log home–and plenty of supplies, it’s great. If you are poor and old, not so much.

And I agree, the mosquitoes are another hazard. The Armed Forces did a study saying if a pilot crashed on the arctic tundra, and was still alive but not mobile, mosquitoes would drain his blood within 4 hours. The wildlife is driven to the brink of insanity by the insects. So are people.

As I said, been there, done that. Including the frozen eyelashes…. On the other hand, fresh moose and salmon taste really good. LOL