Been a particularly bad winter, feet not inches of snow, pressure changes and more.

Back was sore Monday evening but not bad.
Tuesday morning, that’s another story.
Went to get up, could hardly stand up.
After getting ready for work, I literally couldn’t reach down to pick up a pistol. Had to leave it.

Got to work, no small feat considering all the bumps and such on the way.
Opened up, and within an hour, I’m trying hard not to pass out. Had to go lay down and wait for the boss to arrive to leave.

Called the doctor’s office two hours before it opened, was there as soon as the doors were unlocked, again no small feat.

Causation? No clue.
Been sore all winter but never before have I not been able to simply bend, crouch, reach and eventually get what I needed.

Sitting on the couch, awaiting the effect of the assistance I received from the pharmacist, I could only ponder what might happen if something happened during one of these spells.

Bug out? It takes 5 minutes to get up off the couch. And any twisting motion will cause the immediate change in plans, breathing becomes the priority. That and not falling down.

Someone wants to break in, they better be slow and stupid.

But again, what if something happens right now?
Nearly 48 hours later, improved but still unable to operate at any respectable level.

Did I mention the inability to sleep?

I have to admit, this is one challenge I never expected.

1. Hope you’re feeling better.
2. Playing the “what if” game doesn’t do you any good. Know why?

Because I’m pretty stove up for being 49. Back blown, crushed nerves, a gimp on my best day. Takes me 10 minutes to get standing in the morning.


But you can’t play the “what if” game and apply what you’re going through now to what you’ll be going through then…

When a life-or-death situation arises, you won’t even feel pain. Trust me. Adrenaline dump. I snapped my tibia a long time ago. Wrecked a ton of tendons in my right ankle. Ended up running almost two miles on that leg. It really didn’t start hurting until much later… the next day, I couldn’t stand.

Someone kicks your front door in? Oh, you’ll be up and moving and after everything is over you’ll be suckin’ something fierce… but while it’s going down, you likely won’t feel anything.

Don’t sell yourself short.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1