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WB (and others), both my wife and I are with you – not just in theory. WB, I didn’t read yours as “woe is me” – just reality, and knowing others here would understand, and care. It’s certain that many (most?) of the MDs don’t, sadly. Some of it may be burnout, after having to see so many people in distress (that most definitely happens), but that’s when it’s time to get out, because it won’t do the physician any good, and it certainly won’t do the patients any good. Plus, it’s got to be frustrating to them as they come to realize that they (and their teachers) really do not have the answers in all too many cases.

Us? Virtually done with anybody with MD after his/her name, except the outstanding ophthalmologist who has taken care of our eyes for the past several years, and did my first cataract no long ago. He’s an exception, however. Chiropractors? Gotta find the right one, which is hard – but when we have, it’s been entirely worth it. What we really wish is that we could find a highly knowledgeable homeopath. We had one once, and he knew more than the vast majority of U.S. homeopaths. He did some extraordinary things for both of us, but unfortunately we had to terminate that relationship for other reasons that far outweighed even the benefit we’d gotten from his professional work. There are many homeopaths in India that know how to practice at the level he did, but extremely few here. One thing that has become clear to us in the past couple of decades, especially, is that so-called “alternative medicine” has much to offer. Unfortunately, there’s not enough money in it for BigPharma and the rest of the medical research racket. If anything does come along, the government makes it illegal or too expensive to pursue – and medical insurance won’t cover it.

We’ve also increased intake of organic foods where possible, and will make a major garden effort this year (let that go the past couple of years). Additionally, we’ve done a lot of research on various types of food supplements. Many are over-sold and over-hyped, but there’s some amazing stuff out there as well. Some have made a substantial difference, others we’re trying, and still others we’ve found just don’t work (at least for us). Certainly better food intake has made a substantial difference. Regardless, as one old man once said to me, “Gettin’ old is an S.O.B!”