Looking at all options.
The hack I got stuck with the first time around was clearly in the pocket of the state and not caring about my future, just his vacations.

The point to this thread was not to be “woe is me”, but to make us all think about those times when we can’t do what we want or need.

Be it aging or injury, what is the problem and is there a solution?

For me, first thing was to move the gun before I get up, to as higher place in can reach. Simple.

Thank heavens I drive a large SUV, getting in and out of the wife or daughters cars? I almost have to fold myself to get in normally, now? No.

Just have to remember to lower the seat in the SUV to make it easier to slide in. Simple.

Stairs. Hmm, stairs.
Those took waiting for the swelling to go down, before I could. Up wasn’t bad, but down was a challenge.

Moved the AR from one place to another, not bad. But then it’s a fairly lightweight gun on purpose. A friends AR10 in for tweaking, no. That’s not counting the recoil either.

I am reminded of an old favorite TV show, “Good Neighbors” aka The Good Life.
70’s era early preppers, in one episode, one of the main characters back goes out at a crucial point. (Sounds familiar)
Some of the ways the characters adapt are well worth watching again, throughout the show.

I’ll admit, this is the show that got me into this mess all those years ago. Ideas of self sufficiency, doing your own thing, highly inspiring.

So what are you adapting to and why?
Perhaps more importantly, how?