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42 inches of snow here in central Nys. In the blink of an eye the whole landscape changed to deep white. It’s nice to look at but a barn collapsed nearby 8-10 cows out of 20 were killed or had to be put down. Not good for cows. I shoveled roof yesterday and I’ll be shoveling roof today. Lucky my snowblower worked well. It broke down in the last storm burned belt and I had all the belts replaced. It’s a cub cadet 4 foot wide walk behind. That strip along the lake in buffalo has the worst weather. But we’re so used to snow we take it is stride. Just one more nasty thing that happens. We’re always watching the weather. On the plus side it’s been warmer lately. Not the weeks of -20F like when I was growing up. We has a travel ban for a couple of days. It was cool not seeing all the cars and imagining horses on the roads again. That era knew how to build houses and barns that didn’t fall down. Now nobody builds a house without an architect. Too much national historic garbage in Ny. That’s worse than a little snow.