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WB, in similar situation, I would try to find a good chiropractor, I.e., someone recommended by someone with similar symptoms, who has been helped by the one recommending. Like any profession, some are good, some not so good.

In my early thirties, while I was making my living as a draftsman, my back kept getting worse, and my right arm didn’t want to work right. I’d been raised to believe that chiropractors were quacks, so resisted my co-worker’s advice to visit his chiropractor. Eventually, my right arm drew up into a claw, so much that I could hardly sign my name, let alone draw plans.

With nothing to lose, I went to the doc my friend had recommended. Treatments 1 and 2 gave some relief, but on the third visit, the doc moved a little bone in my neck, and suddenly, the arm relaxed … completely! You never know … ’til you know.

Best wishes for your recovery!

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