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In case you haven’t seen it, Rachel Madcow looks like she’s mainlined a few grams of caffeine tonight on MSNBC, as she proudly keeps waving Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return all over, during her glee at having it finally out in the open (illegally, of course). Over on Fox, they’ve neglected to look closely, as they go on and on about how someone at the IRS has committed a felony, blah, blah, blah. Ooops – looking carefully at the signature block, it clearly says, “CLIENT COPY.” It’s unlikely the accountants for The Donald sent in the wrong, unsigned copy. Therefore, this copy of the 1040 apparently had to have come from within the Trump organization (his accountants, his office staff, etc.). Of course, MSNBC isn’t talking about the retrieved Tweets from media executives that openly BEG anyone with access to Trump’s tax returns, to send them to a specified address

Meanwhile, the House Republicans are doing all they can to derail the original Trump replacement for Obamacare, refusing to do a simple (meaning complete) repeal of Obamacare, thereby getting the chance to stall the whole process by arguing over each PIECE of the ACA, rather than a wholesale repeal, and starting from scratch with a completely clean, new bill. They will be able to blame the “radical right wing conservatives” like Louie Gohmert and Rand Paul, thereby further indoctrinating yet another generation that “conservatives” are bad, bad bad – just like Ashley Judd also enlightened us about being raped as a child wasn’t nearly as bad as being raped by this Trump government, and how it is just like Hitler.

This isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about bringing down the U.S. Government as we’ve known it. It’s a covert war, with very little actual accurate reporting. Wag the Dog.

[Afterthought – UNLESS, The Donald leaked it himself, for his own purposes – nearly as troubling as the above narrative, and not at all out of the question. What’s that line about deception in Sir Walter Scott’s poem, “Marmion”? “Oh, what a tangled web we weave ….”]