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Oh, I remember it all too well, and how we dealt with it. I didn’t leave Buffalo until age 21 – long enough to gain all the experienced I needed for a lifetime. And one of the nice things about senility is that we forget the short term things first, but retain the long term memories almost to the end. My long term memory is very much intact – I still remember that 1-mile race I ran in my senior year of high school in late May – during snow flurries. LOL. (As an aside, another advantage about senility is that it beats depression – at least then you can’t remember what you were depressed about. ;-) )

We’re not without our issues down here with the cold, however. A good friend of mine, just north of Chattanooga, TN, (JUST across the GA border a few hours from here) will lose all his peaches tonight and tomorrow night. All of his trees bloomed already – and it’s low 20s or upper teens the next two nights – only got into the low 30s today, he said. Such a shame – he was expecting a beautiful peach crop for him and his wife this year.