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Maybe it’s just been too long (nearly a half century), but I’m having trouble remembering why I liked living up there. Winters were pretty, the countryside beautiful in summer, but oh – those winters! I’m sure older age has at least something to do with it, but I wouldn’t take that cold now for anything in the world. I learned to drive in Buffalo, but wouldn’t want to try those tricks again ever in my lifetime. I’ll risk a little hydroplaning, and just slow down a bit, when driving down here. And on the extremely rare occasion (count ‘em on one hand in the past 30+ years since we came back to Georgia) that we get a couple of inches of snow on the road, Nancy Reagan’s old “just say no!” philosophy works just fine for me for 24-48 hours. LOL! But in all honesty, my hat’s off to Tolik, WB, Brulen, MB, and the others that stick it out in those areas. I recognize the benefits, it’s just that the cold and weather like today in the east, “trump” all the benefits (no pun intended, but recognized). ;-)