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Brulen, some of us never learn. I’m in for the day now and will enjoy watching the blizzard in the comfort of the woodstove making it nice and toasty. I had been out and about for the morning running a couple errands and working at the Town Hall. Coming down the mountain on my side isn’t so bad as the grade and the curves are OK but the other side is “hope nobody is coming up when you’re going down and nobody is coming down when you are going up” when it’s snowing or is icy. The steepest part is on the sharpest curve, and there aren’t any shoulders. Fortunately I had it to myself going down. Coming home however there was a plow coming down as I was going into that part so I inched over as best I could which caused me to lose most of my upward momentum which made for a slow climb and occasional spinning the rest of the way. Its just part of living up here I suppose.