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Tolik, he was one of my favorite presidents but the days of Teddy Roosevelt are long gone. It won’t be long before the social justice warriors start demanding he be erased from history too.

As an aside, if you ever find yourself in Oyster Bay, Long Island (which is pretty close in to NYC on the north shore), go visit Sagamore Hill, Teddy’s home. It is run by the National Park Service and is unlike any other historical home I’ve ever been in. It is full of stuffed animals and related items from his hunting trips and safaris.

Meanwhile the official mantra of the left is that adding Muslim refugees to Rutland (and every other struggling community they’re being dumped into) is that they will bring the diversity we so desperately need if we want young families to come here to work and raise their families. Young people don’t like living amongst a lot of white people we are told. Though the program was halted after the 1st two families, it could well be resurrected again if another administration opens the refugee spigot again. Trump cut Obama’s plan in half. Hillary wanted to double it.