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for the most part they aren’t getting it. A couple did, but others think the risk of letting “dangerous” conservatives speak outweighs their right to free speech.

That is truly frightening – they vote and they’re reproducing. I’m very happy to be the age I am – closer to leaving the scene of the impending catastrophic accident (green lights all four directions, and no common sense).

On second thought, why don’t you and your wife just go down to the campus in overcoats with hidden signs underneath that say “CONSERVATIVE AND ARMED!”. Throw open your overcoats like a flasher, and yell “BOO!!!!” at them. That ought to put them out of commission for at least a month. If you time that for a week before finals, you might be able to render the current senior class incapable of graduating. :-)

By the way – Rutland made national news with their [sarc/ON] unconscionable removal of that compassionate mayor [sarc/OFF]. ;-)