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I have three cartridges I prefer in handguns. Well four if you count 22 lr. But for gp, my first love is 45 ACP. Just old school from my Navy days I reckon. I like the 1911 platform and have owned many, my current production being a higher end Para-Ordnance stainless model that outshoots me. But I also have a Glock 21 that I’ve carried for a couple decades now. The funny thing is, while the 1911 is a better shooter, it hurts the webbing between my thumb and forefinger, as have all 1911s I’ve shot. The Glock is far more comfortable, but does not group nearly as well no matter what ammo configuration I put through it. I’ve not had a single round fail in either gun, except for one handload I tried to load in the 1911 that I hadn’t seated the bullet properly.

For trail work, I stick to my Super-Redhawk. I am shooting those buffalo bore hot rod 340 grain hard lead flat tops in it, and those are as much as I can stand. I’ve not been able to match the performance on that round with anything handloaded, and with the broken bones in both hands now, anything stronger than that I will flinch from the pain. It is a fine load for black bear, but there is no handgun load combination suitable for defense against big griz/brown/Kodiak. I learned that from my time in Alaska well enough. If you are in big bear country, your best bet is 12 gauge pump shooting slugs.

From a purely tactical perspective, I have a collection of Gen 4 Glock 22s, which I and the wife (and others from time to time) will carry. That’s primarily because in most of the jurisdictions I’ve found myself in, the LEOs are carrying the same. This is mostly because of the ease of resupply if SHTF and I am away from home. LEOs are likely to be some of the first casualties and/or allies, and if they carry what I carry, I can resupply from them if need be. Resupply in such a situation can become a BIG consideration.