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I am not all that fond of Glock pistols due to the chamber not being fully supported, thus adds an additional step when reloading the brass. My 9mm “battle pistol” is a 92 frame Beretta. Just like you WB, I went with what I put the most rounds through and can shoot by sheer muscle memory and no thought.

One of my carry pistols (in a shoulder rig) is a 1911 by Para Ordinance. I got a great deal on it and then did all sorts of upgrades. It is now a really nice, accurate, and extremely dependable piece of gear. The 1911 is a time honored classic that has proven itself in some of the nastiest places on Earth, so I can’t fault you for your choice. My social loads for that are Hornady XTP 230 gr hollow points pushed by H-110 if I remember right. I actually use XTP for my SA .44 mag as well. There are better, but these are nasty enough for my purposes.

My Pops has a 460 S&W. It is just a completely insane, hand cannon. I will stick with Elmer Keith’s assessment that the .44 mag is more than sufficient in a pistol.