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Yes, that’s the problem I was having – I had two posts completely disappear, but fortunately had a copy of the one (above) that I posted, and was finally able to re-post it.

What bothers me is that this site shows in my browser as an unsecured web site. I don’t know if it’s always been that way, but I only noticed it last night when I started having problems – and like you, only on this topic. Paranoid we may be, but…. (the Shadow knows!)

And yes – I got to see Levin too, Normally I cannot listen to him – particularly his radio program. But he absolutely nailed it with source, after source, after source. This is an all out attack on the fundamental structure of our government now. And Comey’s reported attack on Trump (still no word directly from Comey, interestingly) certainly does not build confidence and calm.

NOTE TO SHTF School: Please make this a secure web site – no guarantees, but at least better security.