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Well, I dunno what happened. I posted this previously, made a small edit to it, and it disappeared along with a completely different post. Then when I got an email notification that Brulen’s post (above) had been posted, I clicked on the link, and the entire topic had nothing in it – not a single post. So here goes again:
There is something very, very large here. I found the following article this morning at the top left corner of Drudge, and immediately recognized some very strong elements that weren’t being reported in the on-line reports I’d found thus far (I hadn’t looked at any TV yet). Andrew McCarthy was the federal prosecutor in the 1993 WTC Bombing, and has a strong career behind him – not a man given to just off-the-wall garbage. Read his analysis of this first:


Very shortly after reading that, my wife was checking TV news, and I happened to stop in the family room on my way out to the kitchen. Fox had Newt Gingrich just coming on to discuss the wiretap allegations, and he referenced exactly the same article immediately:


But I didn’t have time to copy any of it, shut down my computer, we turned off the TV, and left the house. This evening, I went looking for the McCarthy article again, and could not even find it in the Drudge archives – even the minute-by-minute archives, for this mornings Drudge Report pages (the archives are NOT owned or controlled by Matt Drudge).

At first, I didn’t think too much about that, but just decided I should be able to find it on Fox News’ web site. I struck out. I could not remember whose show it was on, but looked at all the “important” clips they’ve archived for today on their site – and any interview of Gingrich was not there from this morning.

I also did a search on McCarthy on Google News – generally a VERY good source (if one knows how to use it that way) for finding news articles that aren’t necessarily prominent as major headline articles. I was never able to find the McCarthy article there, either – despite the fact that it’s in a relatively major on line internet “news” site (National Review). If it’s there, I STILL can’t find it. After striking out on my original source for the story (Drudge), then the Gingrich video clip from Fox, and finally on Google News, I began to squirm – I’m reasonably good at on line searching, was certain about what I’d read and watched this morning, yet could find no evidence of the story at all. I could only remember McCarthy’s last name, but my wife suggested trying YouTube (duh!). And there it was. I was then able to find the article as well (above).

I’ve stated often, I don’t like Donald Trump. I didn’t’ want him as my President. But given the alternatives we could vote for, I saw no other alternative. So I’m hoping he can accomplish much of his agenda, regardless of what I think of him personally. And with that, I also see a deeply based, all-out effort to get rid of him, with plenty of
Republican congressmen piling on board to assist the Democrats. And I thought the Republic was in crisis before. Our whole system of government appears to be in the balance currently.