I live in the boonies the way I like to, occasionally. Generally only when I set up a tent or four.
I live in a town of 12K, but I still have deer, antelope and moose wandering through my front yard.
The elk avoid it for some reason.

I have to consider the wolves that are seen outside town, as well as the little gang bangers that were just hanging out in the local grocery while waiting to make a delivery.
I have to consider that my wife or kids may need to use the guns, and the wife hates Glocks and plastic in general with a passion, and the kids have small hands.

30+ years of .45 use has me just not liking other cartridges, with the 10mm being an exception, I really like it but got out of it a while back. Same with many other cartridges.
I have grown to appreciate the .40 again. Can’t say I really like it, but for teaching and lighter guns I am growing to like it again, especially after the 23.

For me, the .45 splits the needs well. A hard cast 200gr LSWC works well for hunting at 650 and 1050 fps. Depends on the target which I use.
And loaded with HST or HydraShoks or pretty much any decent JHP, there’s little it can’t do in the urban environment.

First another sleeper .45 1911. Good barrel, fit right, Caspian frame and slide “old school” style with a handful of modern concessions added to accommodate middle age eyes. But nothing that will stand out as flashy or trick, except the finish, going with the DLC, it’s just amazing.

Probably end up making a swap top LW Commander eventually, .38 Super and .40 barrels with one top and a .45 with a compensator for the other just because I can. Might do this one first, with summer coming sometime. Still playing with the slide/barrel length configuration, we shall see.

Got to play with a customers .460 while making a holster for it.
Several words came to mind, but the most common was “no”.
Just too much of a good thing.
Too much time behind .44 Mag’s over the years to be able to handle those cannons anymore. The wrists don’t appreciate it.