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Bombshell about wire taps. There has to be more than a committee investigation.
A vast difference between saying protestors are out to influence politics and a political party is using professional mercenaries in the streets to beat up opponents in an organized attempt to overthrow the existing government. The evidence shows the democrat position has changed. Obama and the Clintons are enemies of the USA. Just as President Trump believes. He might as well go to Congress and declare that the country has become ungovernable. The democrats are lawless. National emergency.

Wire taps on political candidates in the USA.
Abuse of power by Obama to affect the outcome of an election.
Criminal activities by Clintons revealed and then covered up.
Top officials in the justice dept and Supreme Court exposed as corrupt. Lynch and Ginsberg.
Spys throughout the government leaking sensitive info.
There is no evidence the Russians are attempting to overthrow the U.S. Government.
False democrat propaganda used as distraction by their media activists.

Always the same questions and no answers.