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Since when were the whites the minority?

Oh, I think it’s quite evident that that’s part of the author’s fantasm.

Interestingly though, I went on a quick search to see what the actual numbers are these days, and was more than a little surprised to learn that the Census Bureau has their own definition of “white” that was certainly news to me: “having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.” I further learned that if people write in their own race on the census form, the following are just some of those counted by the bureaucrats as “white”: Lebanese, Near Easterner, Arab. And that goes into the official statistical reporting of the U.S. population. Frankly, that looks to me like a plot intentionally designed to actually increase immigration of non-whites by calling a number of them “white.” They get to import a bunch of undocumentable “Arabs,” count them as “white” for the total annual numbers, and then turn around and show how “balanced” the immigration is, supposedly mirroring the current U.S. population. What a bunch of Bravo, Hotel, or Delta Sierra!

It’s all a numbers game, for purely political purposes, and it works solely to divide (and conquer). In this case, the author is one of the most nuts individuals I’ve read anything from in a long time – a truly amazing article. And I was truly disappointed that Indian Country Media Network would even waste space with it. They certainly have their militant segment of contributors and editors, but generally they’re rather balanced. This piece of junk is just nuts! But somebody there thinks it was worthy of publication, and there are people who will eat it up – that’s the scary part.

The more I see, the more I see an inevitable American Civil War, though totally unlike the last one. There will not be geographical dividing lines, nor even entirely racial ones. And it will be MUCH more like what Selco experienced and has written about, with the enemy being literally across the alleyway, or in the next block at best, and sometimes even visually indiscernible from one group to the next – thus Selco’s title: ‘SHTF SCHOOL.’