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Here’s an “alternate” American Civil War article I just found. What an amazing piece of ________ (insert your own favorite description). Who knew that Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos (Mr. Amazon and now the new Washington Post owner), and others of “the 200 or so richest families in America (The 1 percent who now control 85 percent of the nations wealth and corporate stock),” were actually part of this great white conspiracy called “the Trump Administration and the GOP”!? I guess this just goes to show that rational thinking certainly was not required for the author’s law degree….

White Minority Rule Here to Stay in America, Under the Guise of Patriotism

They will create and carry out a Civil War, if necessary, in order to achieve their aims.


The source of the editorial is also rather ironic, since the piece seems to sing the praises of immigrants. Gee – I thought the whole problem WAS immigrants, according to some ultra-militant Indians! Guess I don’t know nuttin. The civil war is certainly coming from all sides, that’s for sure.